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The name comes from Marville Road in London where founder Jenny Holmén lived. Working as a lawyer, she felt a need for sleek, feminine clothes that could be worn 24/7 by the modern busy woman. Marville Road captures the spirit of us. On Marville Road live various kinds of intelligent, cool and strong women in their midst of their careers and lifes. They have different styles, professions and personalities - and they all look and feel great in clothes from MARVILLE ROAD. These women all need to look and feel good at work, some need to be more formally dressed, others can get away with a blouse and jeans - our popular silk stretch blouse fits both kinds of needs.

Women on Marville Road lead active lives and cannot be bothered to dry clean or spend hours ironing - therefore our clothes are easy to wash and to iron - put them in a laundry bag, zip it and wash it in 30 degrees in your washing machine. Iron easily if needed. Also, women we design for will only wear clothes that are produced fairly. Therefore, we only work with factories where the employees work under fair conditions.

MARVILLE ROAD was created on the principle that fashion should inspire you to be your best and enable you to be the woman you want to be. Each collection is dedicated to a number of remarkable women who have made amazing strides to achieve their goals, who challenge convention and who inspire others to be great. So with that said - let your MARVILLE ROAD item evoke that inner strength of yours, allowing yourself to feel great and go and get them, girl! 

Jenny Holmén, Founder