Our company was founded 2011 by Jenny Holmén, at the time working as a lawyer in London. She felt a need for sleek, comfortable clothes that could be worn 24/7 by modern women. On Marville Road live various kinds of women with different personalities and styles, in their midst of their careers and lives. These women all need to look and feel good, both at work and in life.

We want to make each of these women feel presentable and at ease so that they can stay focused on what’s important in their lives.

Our hope is to appeal to women who are looking for a piece for a lifetime, not just a moment in time. We’ve built a wardrobe concept where the clothes are not designed for a specific trend or collection.

We create pieces that women can easily mix and match to their hearts’ delight - whether they’re off to work, dinner or anything that might come up in between. All items are easy to take care of. No dry cleaning needed - all items can be machine washed and need none or little ironing. We feel that fashion should inspire women to be all that they are and let their personalities shine through.

Jenny Holmén, Founder