Who are you?

I’m a mother, entrepreneur/business woman and foodie. I’m an entrepreneur at heart who sees possibilities pretty much everywhere. I’m a mother who enjoys spending time with my boys and a foodie that loves the meditative aspect of cooking…

What do you do for living? Why have you chosen this path?

I’m an entrepreur and currently run a business called MedUniverse, that I co-founded with Anna Norin in 2009. We are a tech company that enables the Pharma Industry to inform Health Care Practioners about new drugs and treatment methods effectively via our patient case software. Prior to that I co-founded Tasteline, Sweden’s largest recipe database. Both these ventures fasinate me because we chose the digital platform as our main technology which gives us an opportunity for global reach and communication. It also gave me an early opportunity to try the role of being a CEO which I am grateful for today. I am also a board member of Swedish Radio, Hemfrid and the Stockholm School of Entrepreneurship.

What drives you forward in life? What are you passionate about?

I’m passionate about questioning well established ”truths” and building new brands that change people’s lives in a genuinely positive way. I believe I do this best via new business ventures and for example proving that 100 women in Stockholm have started at least one company and are awesome at playing poker at my PokerFace venue.


I’d like you to share a challenge/moment in your life that has defined who you are and/or what you do and/or where you are in life. What is it? How has it affected you? Learnings?

Entrepreneurship automatically implies challenges… the toughest ones are usually associated with running out of money before you’ve had a chance to test your idea/product/service for long enough to make it run by itself. One particular moment that I will never forget is when I at one point believed that the best way forward for Tasteline was to liquidate the company. After nearly four years of business we were still not profitable and I wasn’t sure that the money on our account would take us to profitability. The world economy didn’t allow for much interest in the dotcom-sector and it was up to us to deliver on sales or cut costs radically. I communicated my concerns with the chairman of the board and raised several challenges that I felt were too difficult for us to succeed with Tasteline. We concluded that liquidation was the way to go. 24 hours later I called the chairman again and asked if I instead could make a last go at taking us to profitability and he was happy to let me try. I think this defines my mindset… not giving up, being honest and trying to stay very flexible when solving big challenges. The result was that Tasteline did reach profitability and I believe that the honest discussion with the chairman and his trust in me has affected me in a very positive way.


Being in your stage of life and such an active person with many projects to juggle simultaneously: How do you stay focused and make sure you get things done?

It is difficult but I try to be harsh when it comes to accepting too many invites of all sorts, whether it be social or business. At work I try to start my workday by summarizing on a notepad what needs to be done that particular day. It is a good feeling to check things off the list and it helps me to keep focused on delivering on what is most important.

How do you recharge and find your drive and determination again when you feel lost/have lost track?

I sleep. I try to get at least 8 hours of sleep every night and keep activities low on the weekends. My kids need the rest too and we enjoy just chilling in front of a movie at home. I love spending time with them.

Based on your life-learnings, what is your top 3 pieces of advice to women who want to succeed in reaching their life goals?

Define goals that you like… not that others think are important. Evaluate the goals on a continuous basis. Just because you wanted to be an entrepreneur and it fit you lifestyle as a student doesn’t mean it fits equally well when you are a parent. Don’t try to reach all the goals on your own. Enjoy, share and celebrate both success and failure in your goals with people that give you energy.


Who is your female role model – or – who do you think is a great female role model? (e.g. a mentor, celebrity, family member, friend or colleague) Why? How has she affected your life?

Eva Redhe, my mentor, who inspires me to become a strong business women with a clear ambition to own in the companies I get involved in. Anki Rosander, my mother, who taught me early on in life that women can run their own businesses and who has an amazing and inspiring way of connecting people. Anstin Tener, my former mentor and therapist who taught me about how to not step away from what you believe is right and sticking to being honest in tough situations. Beyoncé, for not only being a kick-ass singer and dancer who inspires women daily, but also she a business woman.


How do you dress when you want to boost your confidence and need that extra power?

Generally in pants, a feminine top and high heels/boots.

What is your favourite Marville Road item and how do you wear it? 

Ooohh… Love my most recent outfit and feel super hot, powerful and businessy in it! The wide Ingrid pants and the Luna singlet is a perfect for me. And I’ve also felt super sexy and pretty in my Marville Road dresses!

Any particular tips when packing for a business trip?

I love travelling light and with multifunctional clothes. Carry-on bag with one pair of sneakers, one pair of high heels and usually a dress and or skirt, nice pair of pants, a couple of tops. … preferably all iron free… boots, jeans, comfy t-shirt/top, with poncho that can be worn on the plane. Always a big scarf as well.