Simplify your closet

Simplify your closet

Meet our founder and designer, Jenny Holmén. Here is her take on how to simplify her everyday closet.

My 3 must-have wardrobe pieces: A pair of well fitted boot cut jeans, a sleek silk blouse and a crease free wrap blazer

My work week uniform: I save time in the morning by wearing coordinated sets. I love to wear shades of light colours. Add a pair of boots and a classic tote and I'm ready to go!

My key to feel good in what I wear: My key is simple but yet feminine clothes, that are easy to dress up and down regardless of situation. I want to wear long lasting key items that take me from work to after work in less than 5 minutes.

My ready to go safe card: A soft wrap blazer. I wear it to my favorite jeans or to well dressed trousers, it always makes me feel feminine and comfortable.

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